Established in Abu Dhabi in 1982 to manage our various companies. “Commitment to Quality and the Total Satisfaction of Our Clients” is our Mission Statement. Al Hashimi Group has a diverse range of activities and services that include Military Affairs, Company Representation, Trade Agencies, and Property Management. Al Hashimi Group is affiliated with prestigious and market leading companies from the United States, Europe, and Asia. We strive for excellence and creative leadership in all aspects of our professional services. The Group’s associates are the cornerstone to giving life to the Mission Statement.


AL HASHIMI GROUP was established for the purpose of providing a diverse range of unique product and services that meet the needs of fast booming industrial and private sectors in the United Arab Emirates. Upon reviewing what we have achieved to date, We feel proud that we succeeded in achieving our ambitious goals. Our dedicated work force and highly-motivated management team have enormously contributed to lading the group to a very salient position amongst the other companies of the UAE. We aim at a brighter future relying upon our capability of providing you with the best products. The development and prosperity of our group is just a part of our criterion which takes faith in God and in our abilities and resources as its base for serving our commitment to Evolvement and Uniqueness.